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If Countable Noun is used after All, All of, Some, Some of, most, most of, lots of, A lot of, plenty of, enough, one-third Plural Noun and Verb And if Uncountable Noun is used Singular Verb is used.

In the above examples: 'water' is an 'uncountable noun' therefore 'singular verb' 'was' is used:: And:: 'boys' & 'answers' are countable nouns therefore their plural form with plural verb 'were' is used.

Rule 11

In the above example, the subject just before the relative pronoun (who) is 'I' therefore Verb must be according to 'I'. It is incorrect to say "It is I who is calling you. Similarly in the second example, the verb (were) is according to subject 'problems' which is just before a relative pronoun (which).