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Direct/ Indirect Speech


Narration is the art of reporting the words of a speaker. There are two ways of expressing the speech of speaker i.e. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.

In Direct Speech the actual or exact words of the speaker are presented without any change whereas, in Indirect Speech, the actual words of the speaker are transformed as per requirement and then presented.

-        He says, “Scorekhel.com is a good website.” [Direct Speech]

-        He says that Scorekhel.com is a good website. [Indirect Speech]

♦ There are two parts of sentences in a Direct Speech i.e. Reporting Verb or Reporting Speech and Reported Speech.  In the above example, part of the sentence which is out of inverted comma is called Reporting Speech (He says, says is reporting verb) and the one within the inverted comma is Reported Speech (“Scorekhel.com is a good website.”).

In Competitive exams in India, questions are generally framed from Direct, Indirect conversion; for which we need to learn some basic rules of conversion.