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Articles Basic


The Adjectives a, an and the are called Articles. An article is used with a noun and gives some information about it.

There are two kinds of Articles:-

Indefinite article- a/an: It used before Singular Countable Noun which does not represent any particular person/ thing.

Definite articlethe: It is used before a Singular or Plural Noun (countable or uncountable) representing particular person/ thing.

- One day, I found a bag. The bag contained a Book.

In the first sentence, a bag has been used as it is not specific. In the second sentence, the bag has been used as we are talking about the same bag (specific bag) which was found.

► While using an article we must check that there is a noun, as article is used before a noun, however, if there is an adjective before noun we must use article before adjective, if there is an adverb before the adjective, we should use article before adverb.