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NOUN is a word, used to refer people, animals, objects, substances, states, events and feelings. Eg: Priyanka, Lion, Pen, Honesty etc. 

Primarily Nouns are of 5 types, they are:-

Proper Noun:- It is those Nouns which indicate a place, living being or thing. 

Eg:- Krishna, Bible, Delhi, Jharkhand, Patna etc.

Common Noun:- Common Noun is a noun that refers to a common name of a person, thing or place.

Eg:- Girl, King, Boy, City etc.

Proper Noun tell us about a unique person, place, or thing while Common Noun club together a category of things or places.

Collective Noun:- Collective Noun are nouns that refers to things or people as a unit.

Eg:- Team, jury, committee, Army, Police, flocks, nation, family etc.

Material Noun:- Nouns that refers to the names of a liquid or matter are classified under this category.

Eg:- Gold, iron, water etc.

Abstract Noun:- Abstract Noun is something that can’t be sensed by our five senses (smell, touch, hear, see or taste). They usually represent feeling, idea and qualities. They can be countable or uncountable. 

Eg:- Honesty, Quality, hatred, laughter, youth etc.

Abstract nouns are often used in singular form.