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A preposition is a word used before a noun or pronoun to show its relation with some other word of the sentence. A preposition is generally used to show direction, location, time or spatial relationship or introduce an object. eg:- in, on, upon, with, by, till, to since, from, for, at, between, among, etc are prepositions.

- She is in the Kitchen. [here, in is a preposition used before Noun (Kitchen)]

In formal writing, it is general practice that a sentence should not end up in preposition, but in informal writing, a sentence can end up in preposition. Hence, we can say sometimes a preposition is not used before a Noun or Pronoun.

- I like the officers I am working with. (informal) [non-usage of preposition before the noun or pronoun]

- I like the officers with whom I am working. (formal)

- We have a lot to think about.