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Question Tag 2

Cases where Subject creates confusion while making Question Tags

In most cases, we can easily decide which pronoun has to be used in Question Tags, but in some cases, we get confused while choosing pronouns for Question Tag. Here, we will discuss rules where there is confusion in creating Question Tags.


Everyone, everybody, somebody, anybody, nobody, no-one, none, each, every, neither etc. are singular in form. But if they are the subject of the statement, we use plural pronoun ‘they’ in the Question tag.

- Everyone has come, hasn’t he? (incorrect)

- Everyone has come, haven’t they? (correct)

- Everybody was upset, weren’t they? (correct)


If the statement starts with ‘Let us/ Let’s, then the Question tag should be ‘Shall we?

- Let’s go home, shall we?  (correct)

- Let’s have a party, shall we? (correct)

- Let us go party tonight, shall we? (correct)


 If ‘there’ is used as a subject in a statement, the pronoun in the Question tag is again ‘there’.

- There is a bus to Mathura every hour, isn’t there? (correct)


When the subject of the statement is ‘that’ or ‘this’, the pronoun in the Question tag is ‘it’. And, if the subject of the Statement is their plural form i.e. ‘these’ or ‘those’, the pronoun in the Question tag is ‘they’.

- This is an expensive necklace, isn’t it? (correct)

- Those are very naughty children, aren’t they? (correct)


Wall Stick Notes

Since there are hundreds of rules and all cannot be memorized, it is recommended to download this summary and stick on wall for practicing rules thoroughly.

Download Question Tag Summary