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Active/Passive Voice


Voices: The form of the verbs which tell whether the Subject is doing some action or Action is being done by the Subject is called Voice. It just refers connection between the subject and the object of a sentence.

♦ Active Voice: In Active Voice, the form of verb is expressed in a manner that the subject doing action on object is emphasized.

- You are reading ScoreKhel.com. (Active Voice) [You is Subject here, ScoreKhel.com is Object]

♦ Passive Voice: In Passive voice, the form of verb is expressed in a manner that the object being acted upon by a subject is emphasized.

- ScoreKhel.com is being read by you. (Passive Voice)

When to use Active/ Passive Voice

If it is required to draw attention to the doer who is doing action, we use Active Voice; if attention is required on the object, we use Passive Voice.

Like in the first example above, emphasis is on the Subject who is reading ScoreKhel.com, and in the second example, emphasis is on the Object i.e. ScoreKhel.com.

► As far as competitive exams are concerned questions are usually framed from the conversion of sentences in Active Voice to Passive Voice or vice-versa. Hence, we must understand the rules for such conversions. The foremost thing while converting sentences from Active Voice to Passive voice or vice-versa is to determine which noun/pronoun is acting as subject, what is the object, and what action subject is doing on the object.

Note: While converting sentences, the meaning, tense, number of subject/ objects should not change.

Questions on Voice conversion can easily be solved in objective Exams by eliminating options. For eliminating options and finding the correct option we should understand verb forms in conversion and some basic rules. 

Now we will discuss Verb Forms (structure) in different tenses.

Sentences in Active and Passive Voice have different structure in different tense. Since, it is easy to remember structure in simple, continuous and perfect order, we are categorizing them as below:-