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Pronoun is the word used in place of Noun to avoid repetition of Noun. eg:- I, We, He, She, They, Them etc. are pronoun.

-Riya is a good student. Riya Studies well.    ►to avoid repetition of Noun (Riya) we should use Pronoun (She).

-Riya is a good student. She Studies well.


Nominative/Subjective Case:- If a Pronoun acts as a subject of verb, it is in Nominative case. I, We, You, He, She, It, they etc. are Pronouns of Nominative case.

Objective Case:- If a Pronoun acts as an object of verb, it is in Objective case. me, us, you, him, her, It, them etc. are Pronouns of Objective case.

Note: you can easily determine pronouns of Nominative or Objective case by analysing sentence with respect to verb. You have to find the subject and object of verb to determine Nominative/Objective case.

Subject-Object:: Illustration