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Adjective Rules

Rules: Adjectives used in Comparative degree


Adjectives prefer and preferable are adjectives of Comparative degree, preposition ‘to’ is used after preferable and prefer. Also, ‘rather than’ can be used in place of ‘to’ after prefer.

- Telegram is preferable to WhatsApp nowadays. (correct)

When comparison is b/w two nouns or two gerunds, preposition ‘to’ is used after prefer. However, when comparison is b/w two verbs,rather than’ is used after prefer.

- Reena prefers sleeping to studying. (correct) [comparison b/w gerunds]

- Reena prefers milk to coffee. (correct) [comparison b/w nouns]

- Reena prefers to read rather than write. (correct) [comparison b/w verbs]


Preposition ‘to’ is used after Adjectives ending in -ior like senior, junior, prior, superior, inferior, posterior etc.

- Reena is senior than Riya. (incorrect)

- Reena is senior to Riya. (correct)

Note:- This rule is important, questions are framed from this rule in competitive exams.


When we compare two qualities of the same person or thing. We should not use comparative in ‘er’ format instead we should use more + Positive degree.

-Riya is more brave than stronger. (incorrect)

-Riya is more brave than strong. (correct)

these adjectives represent quality which is complete in itself i.e. in highest degree.