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Voices Rules

Important Rules


If a sentence given in Active Voice, refers to the action performed by the subject which is the primary duty of the subject, then in Passive Voice it is not necessary to mention that subject. like

- The teacher taught the students. [Active Voice]

- The students were taught. [Passive Voice, by the teacher is not added as teaching is the primary duty of the teacher]

Note: If such type of sentence is given in Passive Voice, then we should add the subject in Active Voice, like

- The thief was caught. [Passive Voice]

- Police caught the thief. [Active Voice, subject police is added]


In Active Voice, if the subject of the sentence is not clear or vague, then it is not necessary to mention that subject in Passive Voice. like

- People speak English all over the world. [Active Voice]

- English is spoken all over the world. [Passive Voice, we have not mentioned by people]


If any form of be is used as the main verb in Active Voice, then the sentence cannot be converted into passive. like

- She should be happy.  

- I am independent. [passive conversion is not possible]


If a preposition/ adverb is used in Active Voice, then we should use that preposition/ Adverb in Passive voice.

- They listen to the song. [Active Voice] - The song is listened to.  [Passive Voice]

- They looked for the driver. [Active Voice] - The driver was looked for. [Passive Voice]


In Passive Voice, Subject is placed after Verb which is usually connected by the preposition by. However, some verbs like know, happy, angry, surprise, please, shock, etc. can take preposition to after them while connecting with the Subject. like

- All the students in the classroom knew ScoreKhel.com. [Active Voice]

- ScoreKhel.com is known to all the students in classroom. [Passive Voice, usage of to after known instead of by]


In Active Voice, if a sentence has two objects, then Passive Conversion can be done by placing either object before verb.

- He gave me a pen. [Active Voice, two obj:- me & pen]

- I was given a pen by him. [Passive Voice, me is place before verb given]


-A pen was given to me by him. [Passive Voice]\


In Active Voice, if a sentence is negative and word nobody, no one etc. is used to make it negative, then in Passive Voice word anybody, anyone etc is used in place of nobody, no one etc. like

- Nobody can do this. [Active Voice]

- This cannot be done by anybody. [Passive Voice]

Rule8 (infinitive):

If structure of sentence is like is/ am/ are/ was/ were/ has/ have/ had + to + V1 in Active Voice, then in Passive Voice structure is like is/ am/ are/ was/ were/ has/ have/ had + to be + V3 in Passive Voice.

-I have to learn this formula. [Active Voice]

-This formula has to be learned by me. [Passive Voice]