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Before we start, let’s get these questions answered first:-

Which came first, the language or its grammar?

- Obviously, the language came first. Grammar is basically reverse engineering, once people started speaking a language in a particular way; they had formulated certain rules to maintain its consistency. Grammar is set of rules which govern the language.

Do we need to study grammar to learn a language?

- The short answer is “no”. Many people in the world speak their own, native language without having studied its grammar. Children start to speak before they even know the word “grammar”. But if you are serious about learning a language, the long answer is “yes”. Also as far as competitive exams are concerned one must have good knowledge of grammar to detect errors in the sentences.

Why grammar is asked in competitive examinations?

- Once you become an officer most of the communication would be through emails, letters  and so on, which is a written communication and no organization wants that its employee communicate something and end up communicating something. So to avoid such ambiguity; correct usage of grammar is must.

Why do people find grammar a bore?

- Because it reminds them of the schoolroom. But understanding grammar will in some ways free you from its grip, making you the master of words rather than keeping you as their slave.

What are the building blocks of grammar?

They are;

1) Parts of speech:- 

·Noun: It is a word, used to refer people, animals, objects, substances, states, events and feelings. Ex: Priyanka, Lion, Pen, Honesty etc.       

·Verb: It is a word that is used to tell something about a person or a thing. Ex: go, attack, handle etc.      

·Adjectives: It is a word that qualifies a Noun or a Pronoun. Ex: beautiful, happy, awake etc.

·Adverbs: It is a word which generally qualifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb; but it also qualifies a sentences or any part of speech except a Noun and Pronoun. Ex: sadly, soon, very

·Pronoun: It is a word that is used instead of a noun or noun equivalent. Ex: I, she, everyone etc.              

·Determiners: These are small words used before nouns to tell us which one, or how many, or whose and so on. Ex: a, an, the, my etc.

·Prepositions:  It is a word used before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation with the other words of the sentence. Ex: in, on, of, for, upon, with, by etc.

·Conjunctions: It is a word which joins two or more than two words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Ex:  and, or, if, scarcely, hardly, although, though etc.

·Interjections: They are the words like oh! , well! , Alas!, Hello. They live on their own, outside

2) Tenses: Past, Present and future tenses.( Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect continuous.)

3) Helping verbs:

·        Be form verb: is/am/are

·        Have form verbs: has/have/had

·        Modal Auxiliary verbs: can, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might and must are auxiliary verbs.

*all these blocks of grammar have been discussed in details in the separate Sections.

Is it necessary to learn and master these grammatical rules to crack competitive exams?

- Proper judgement along with correct logical understanding is a must for writing correct English. However, for the examination point all the important rules and facts are necessary. Thus, this course presents an exhaustive and analytical description of all the important facts that are asked in competitive examinations. The viewer can take this website as their true friend to achieve success in exams. 

How to use ScoreKhel.com for maximum benefit?

- Don’t read this Section! Instead, work with it. Learning... real learning goes on only through active participation. After completion of one section related exercise must be completed same day. Every Section is followed by a table, briefing all the rules discussed in that section; get it printed and stick on wall of your room for memorizing it. It will hardly take a month to master all the rules.

What is different in ScoreKhel.com than any other Website/books in market?

- ScoreKhel provides practical and innovative approach of learning; topics have been discussed in a lucid and elaborate manner followed by exercise which strengthens the candidate’s hold on topic. Beside this for developing vocabulary every part is followed by relating pictures, which not only helps reader in memorizing but also in understanding the meaning of term. Hence, In a nutshell ScoreKhel is complete in itself and fulfils the need of practical usage of English Grammar.